Exhibition Posters from Past Exhibitions
1948 Poster300
1958 poste July300

The 1948 Poster for the Annual Exhibition and the 1958 poster

1998 poster200
1999 poster200

The 1998 and 1999 posters
Art by C.H. Rogers

2000 poster200
2001 poster200

The 2000 Exhibition Poster & the 2001
Art by C.H. Rogers and Jenny Dyson

2002 poster200
2007 poster200

The 2002 and 2007 Annual Exhibition posters
Art by Alan W Wakefield and Jenny Dyson

2008 poster200
2016 Poster200

The 2008 and 2016 Posters
Art by Mary Davison for the 2008 poster. The 2016 Art features the five entries for the National Art Club of the Year competition in which Gateshead were runners up. The works are by K. Stott, A. Anderson, J McGregor, A. Drynan and T Griffiths.

2017 Poster Summer200
2017-18 Poster200

The Summer Exhibition poster 2017 and the Annual Exhibition poster 2017-18
Art works by Jenny Dyson

2014 Poster200
2014-15 Poster200

2014 Summer Exhibition poster and the 2014/5 Annual Exhibition poster
Art by Joe McGregor and Allan White

2015 Poster200

2015 Annual Exhibition Poster; art by John Fulthorpe