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Below are images of a selection of the 92 paintings shown at the
November Exhibition of The Gateshead Art Society at 
 The Shipley Gallery, Prince Consort Road, Gateshead.

1 -Scrum III -Aubrey Anderson

4 -Greenside (Plantation) -Aubrey Anderson

9 -Happy -Joe Beard

10 -Whitby Fudge Bar, -Harry Bell

13 -Six Italian Caps. Harry Bell

14 -Wild Flowers at Dawn -Myrna Bell

17 -Four Rivers Fountain, Rome -Anne Brown

18 -Nasturtium -Anne Brown

22 -Shippersea Bay, Co. Durham -Willie Drea

24 -Still Life with Spray-can. -Willie Drea

30 -Summer's Day -Audrey Drynan

33 -River Tyne at Hexham -Audrey Drynan

38 -Shipley Art Gallery -Jenny Dyson

39 -Bamburgh Castle -Jenny Dyson

43 -The Red Roof by John Fulthorpe

45 -In the Farmyard -John Fulthorpe

47 -Sunrise at Centrall Station -Doug Johnson

49 -Summer Daisies -Sheila Lewis

51 -Scottish Thistle -Sheila Lewis

55 -Pit Scene -Harry Matthews

56 -Chopwell Wood -Harry Matthews

57 -Tyneside Tourists -Joe McGregor

58 -The Sage, Empty Tables -Joe McGregor

61 -Cumbrian Sunrise -Sylvia Redhead

65 -Cumbrian Nightfall -Sylvia redhead

68 -Autumn Fruits -Margaret Richardson

69 -Northumberland Sunset -Margaret Richardson

70 -Scotland, Coast and Moors -David Roberts

72 -The Blue Eyed Lion -Jeff Stamp

73 -Black Panther -Jeff Stamp

74 -Tideturn Dunstanburgh -Karen Stott

75 -Swaledale from Hawkerside -Karen Stott

76 -Autumn Glory -Pat Thompson

83 -The Coalface -Pat Thompson

86 -Sandsend Sunset -Allan White

87 -Swing Bridge Mist - Allan White

93 -Lindisfarne -Brian Wilson


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