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Below are images of many of the paintings displayed 
at the recent Gateshead Art Society exhibition at 
 St Mary's Heritage Centre. 

Domes of Venice -Artist Jenny Dyson

Steep Street -artist Anne Brown

The Red Roof by John Fulthorpe

John Bull Tree artist Aubrey Anderson

A Woodland Pool by Audrey Drynan

Bridge Hotel -artist Allan White

Rainy Days Melbourne by Tim Griffiths

Celebrating Easter -artist Anne Brown

Paper Lad -artist Harry Matthews

Tyne and Millennium Bridges, Artist Jenny Dyson

Pit Workers -artist Harry Matthews

Miner in Wet Seam by Harry Matthews

Dunes at Eoropie, Lewis by Willie Drea

Cumbrian Summer Day by Sylvia Redhead

Shadow of the Angel by Allan White

On the Piste by Doug Johnson

Lake in the French Alps by Audrey Drynan

Snow at the Lodge -by Anne Brown

Lakeland Sunset -artist Doug Johnson

Winter on the Wall by John Fulthorpe

Whoooo Goes There -artist Allison Fereday

Spring Woods by A Fereday

Newcastle Skyline -artist Jenny Dyson

Homeward Bound New York by Tim Griffiths

Little Pet Acrylic by A Fereday

Sunset at Mill Dam by Audrey Drynan

Speech Bubble 1 by Aubrey Anderson

Speech Bubble 2 -artist Aubrey Anderson

Baltic, Artist Jenny Dyson

Cumbrian Nightfall by Sylvia Redhead

Cumbrian Summertime -artist Sylvia Redhead

The Terrace -artist Anne Brown

The Wear at Willington -artist Willie Drea

Built on the Tyne by Pat Thompson

Crossing the Tyne by Tim Griffiths

Dabbawal High Bridge St Doorway -artist Allan White

Venice by Audrey Drynan

Cumbrian Evening Glow Impression by Sylvia Redhead

Shipcote Baths, Gateshead -artist Allan White

Kinley Tower by Willie Drea


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