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Below are images of all of the paintings at the
 Gateshead Art Society exhibition at 
 The Shipley Gallery, Prince Consort Road, Gateshead.
This year the paintings (94) will be shown in the main gallery on a rotation basis of up to 25 paintings each week up until the closure of the Exhibition in the new year.

The Exhibition runs until 12th of January 2018

1 -Scrum III -Aubrey Anderson

2 -Autumnal House -Aubrey Anderson

3 -Going Home in the Fifties -Aubrey Anderson

4 -Greenside (Plantation) -Aubrey Anderson

5 -Winter Scene I -Aubrey Anderson

6 -Winter Scene II -Aubrey Anderson

7 -Winter Scene III -Aubrey Anderson

8 -Winter Scene IV -Aubrey Anderson

9 -Happy -Joe Beard

10 -Whitby Fudge Bar, -Harry Bell

11 -The Seafood Shack -Harry Bell

12 -Food Station. -Harry Bell

13 -Six Italian Caps. Harry Bell

14 -Wild Flowers at Dawn -Myrna Bell

15 -Celebrating Spring -artist Anne Brown

16 -Steep Street -artist Anne Brown

17 -Four Rivers Fountain, Rome -Anne Brown

18 -Nasturtium -Anne Brown

19 -Casa Marzi -Anne Brown

20 -Snow on the Green -Anne Brown

21 -Dawn -Anne Brown

22 -Shippersea Bay, Co. Durham -Willie Drea

23 -Holywell Dene -Willie Drea

24 -Still Life with Spray-can. -Willie Drea

25 -Durham, the East Prospect. -Willie Drea

26 -Lakeside -Willie Drea

27 -The Bathing House -Willie Drea

28 -Meadow Water. -Willie Drea

29 -Mouth of the Tyne with Wave Trap. -Willie Drea

30 -Summer's Day -Audrey Drynan

31 -Incoming at Bamburgh -Audrey Drynan

32 -The Tree -Audrey Drynan

33 -River Tyne at Hexham -Audrey Drynan

34 -River at Ingleton. -Audrey Drynan

35 -Domes of Venice -Jenny Dyson

36 -Sea Spray -Jenny Dyson

37 -Walking the Dogs -Jenny Dyson

38 -Shipley Art Gallery -Jenny Dyson

39 -Bamburgh Castle -Jenny Dyson

40 -Winter Walk -Jenny Dyson

41 -Northumbrian Winter -Jenny Dyson

42 -Still Life with Dibber. -Jenny Dyson

43 -The Red Roof by John Fulthorpe

44 -Remains of the Wall -John Fulthorpe

45 -In the Farmyard -John Fulthorpe

46 -Watendlath -Doug Johnson

47 -Sunrise at Centrall Station -Doug Johnson

48 -Summer Meadow -Sheila Lewis

49 -Summer Daisies -Sheila Lewis

50 -A Window in Croatia -Sheila Lewis

51 -Scottish Thistle -Sheila Lewis

52 -Afghan Goatherder -Harry Matthews

53 -French Breakfast -Harry Matthews

54 -Landfall -Harry Matthews

55 -Pit Scene -Harry Matthews

56 -Chopwell Wood -Harry Matthews

57 -Tyneside Tourists -Joe McGregor

58 -The Sage, Empty Tables -Joe McGregor

59 -Cumbrian Orchard -Sylvia Redhead

60 -Cumbrian River -Sylvia Redhead

61 -Cumbrian Sunrise -Sylvia Redhead

62 -Hawes Village Waterfall -S Redhead

63 -Cumbrian Mountains etc -Sylvia Redhead

64 -Cumbrian Summer Day _S Redhead

65 -Cumbrian Nightfall -Sylvia redhead

66 -Lady of the Fountain -Sylvia Redhead

67 -Valley of Rocks -Margaret Richardson

68 -Autumn Fruits -Margaret Richardson

69 -Northumberland Sunset -Margaret Richardson

70 -Scotland, Coast and Moors -David Roberts

71 - Rescued -Jeff Stamp

72 -The Blue Eyed Lion -Jeff Stamp

73 -Black Panther -Jeff Stamp

74 -Tideturn Dunstanburgh -Karen Stott

75 -Swaledale from Hawkerside -Karen Stott

76 -Autumn Glory -Pat Thompson

77 -Welcome Home -Pat Thompson

78 -Black Gold -Pat Thompson

79 -The Happy Miner and his Mate -Pat Thompson

80 -Rushing Waters -Pat Thompson

81 -Going Down -Pat Thompson

82 -Did You Get More Than Me? -Pat Thompson

83 -The Coalface -Pat Thompson

84 -Fenwick's Window. -Allan White

85 -King's Cross Market, London. -Allan White

86 -Sandsend Sunset -Allan White

87 -Swing Bridge Mist - Allan White

88 -Grey Street Morning -Allan White

89 -Kiln Point, Budle Bay. -Allan White

90 -Angel. -Allan White

91 -West Pier -Allan White

92 -Sunset Helmsley -Brian Wilson

93 -Lindisfarne -Brian Wilson

94 -Eilean Donan Castle -Brian Wilson


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